Finding the perfect view from the perfect floor in this downtown high-rise was a dream for these clients. They knew immediately that they wanted to remodel the entire unit. We stripped it down, broke through some walls, installed sound barriers, crafted custom trim throughout, and gave them their perfect remodel. The gentleman of the house loves to entertain, and we were asked to create a good old-fashioned bar. Bar rails were hand-cut, sanded and varnished. Shiplap was installed on the faces of the cabinetry, shelving was installed on the backside for supplies and the cherry veneer was stained and varnished to complement the rich mahogany. We also built a mirrored liquor shelf to serve as the backdrop. These clients didn’t stop there…they loved the bar so much, they wanted a custom fireplace to anchor on their main wall. We utilized the same design and materials as the bar, so everything tied together beautifully. Stockings were hung just in time for the holidays!